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//  Origin:  Kalkuta, India
//  Genres:  Indian Classic & Fusion
//  Years Active:  2004 - now
//  Bands:  xxxxxxxx
//  Web:
Short Bio

Babua Pahari was born in Kolkata into a family with a strong musical heritage. His father (late Indubhusan Pahari) was a respected tabla guru and taught his son the art of classical Indian percussion. At the age of fifteen Babua Pahari widened his knowledge and learned to play Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) from late Sri Parth Bhattacharyay and Sri Jayanta Chatterjee. His emphasis is on Indian classical, semi classical, Bengali songs, fusion. He gave numerous performances in India and since 2004 also in Germany. Nowadays he composes for himself and others. He is a permanent member of „Back to India“, „Integra“ and the founder of „Ananda Dhara“ and "Kalkutiran".

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